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Effective date: March 1, 2021

Short summary

Lung Cancer Tips is conceived as an informative and educational website. It operates under

You automatically accept our privacy policy statements by reading the articles we publish and the services we provide. This page has been created to let you know relevant information about what happens to your personal data and what type of information we gather from you when you navigate our contents in Lung Cancer Tips.

The main reason why Lung Cancer Tips collects information from users is to create statistics for our use. These statistics are aimed to improve user experience and provide general information about web traffic. It is browsing information that only reveals your computer data, your country, and the device you use. However, we may also ask for personal information such as name and email address if you want to receive our newsletter. You’re free to give that information away if you’re interested, and it will only be used for our services, not sold to any third party.

Regardless of where you live, we offer privacy protection and try to keep your data safe from leaks and malicious users. We strive to make Lung Cancer Tips a secure website but can’t guarantee a 100% safe environment at all times. Thus, we encourage every user of our site to browse with precautions, similar to what he does while browsing any other website.

By browsing Lung Cancer Tips, you agree to these terms and trust the use we give to your browsing and any personal information you decide to provide us. You also agree to any future change in this privacy policy and are welcome to visit this page often to be aware of any update. If you feel concerned about any statement in this section, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.


Long version

Lung Cancer Tips is meant as an educational and informative website hosted in this website address:

This privacy policy includes information about your browsing data and personal data and how we handle this information. By browsing our website, you agree automatically to anything expressed in this privacy policy section and any future update. You’re also free to stop browsing our site and contact us if you’re concerned about your privacy and how we handle your information.

You will find in this section detailed information on what happens with your data, how we collect data from you, the type of data we collect, and what we do with it. The primary data we collect is only meant for statistical purposes and to improve our site and user experience, as noted below.

How do we collect information from you?

You can access the information in Lung Cancer Tips without giving away your personal data. It is a free website you can access for information and educational purposes. Thus, you’re not forced to provide any personal information such as name or email or any other data that can be traced back to you if you do not want to.

However, we may in the future prompt you to join our newsletter by providing your contact information. The only information we may ask of you include your name and email address, and only if you want to be a part of our newsletter and receive our updates. We do not ask for your billing information, billing address, payment methods, or credit card number unless we offer an extra service in the future, which will be thoroughly described, and you’re free to opt-out.

By browsing our website, you agree to automatically share information from your browser, computer model, IP address, and similar information. Every time users land on a page we own, we collect this type of information, known as log data. It is anonymous information that cannot be traced back to you. Log data can sometimes carry data about your online behavior and activity but doesn’t have a name or address.

What do we do with your data?

If you decide to provide us with your personal information, it will be handled in our servers and not shared with a third party or sold in any way. It will only be helpful to include you in our newsletter and provide you with extra services. You can always unsubscribe from our mailing list if you prefer, and a link will be provided in the emails.

Log data is also handled with care and analyzed automatically by third-party companies, specifically by Google Analytics. This tool helps monitor and organize the information in valuable graphics that we can analyze to improve our site and user experience.

The only way that we can share log information or personal data collected from you is by a formal petition by internet authorities, police forces, and governmental agencies who investigate international law violations and look for malicious users and vulnerabilities. We abide by international law, which covers this type of collaboration.

Cookies and internet security

We may use cookies to understand more about your browsing behavior. Cookies provide anonymous data about our users and do not violate your privacy. Still, you can choose not to save any cookies by adjusting the settings of your browser. However, we may need cookies for specific content we offer on our site, and access will only be granted to users who accept them.

Internet security is vital for us in WEB NAME. By browsing our page, you’re offered standard protection, similar to that of any other website. We try to make our site as safe as possible but can’t provide or guarantee a 100% secure environment on the internet. Thus, we recommend caring for your own safety while browsing the site, just like you do on any other web.

Future changes of privacy policy statements

Privacy policy statements expressed in this section are effective since March 1, 2021. However, it is subject to change, and by continue browsing, you automatically agree to any change. Thus, you’re prompted to visit this section to be aware of any update to our privacy policy statements.