New Procedure Used To Treat Patients With Lung Cancer at Hospital In Chennai

New procedure used to treat patients with lung cancer at hospital in Chennai

Recently in the Apollo Cancer Centre, two Bangladeshi cancer-affected young boys undergone in an innovative treatment. Those two people were affected by lung cancer. The technique helped and provide patients with adjuvant therapy even faster than it was when handled customarily.

The interaction and experience video-assisted low rolling resistance thoracic surgery (VATS) and since then have returned home for more care, physicians confirmed.

Md. Nahid Hasan, around 15 years of age, has been hospitalized with Ewing’s left femoral squamous cell carcinoma, a severe condition of cancerous tumour which develops in joints, tubes, or nerves and impacts the age range of 10 to 20 years. In February previous year, he endured multiple therapy treatments and suffered an injury in his left lower extremity.

During the COVID-19 triggered release, he started to experience chunks throughout the right lung of his left lung. In December, after traveling to Chennai for more evaluation and treatment, the tests revealed that perhaps the cancer came back to the top lungs of his left lung. Three tumours were extracted from the lungs by Low rolling resistance VATS and he has been released next day.

Abhijit Das, a thoracic orthopaedic surgeon advisor, said that the Low rolling resistance VATS methodology is completely painless and far less distressing. As well, the physician is not subjected to infectious disease. “The probability of comment infectious diseases and comorbidities are lower in this process. Aspects associated to resuscitation, chest irrigation and gastrointestinal lumbar puncture could also be managed to avoid,” he replied.

Throughout 2016, Mohammed Iftekhar Rahman, 23 years of age, has been given a diagnosis with neuroblastoma in his upper ankle that’s been handled with cancer treatment and limb recovery surgical procedure by tumour removal. But he negotiated COVID-19, after which point cancer has spread to his lungs. Physicians discovered a huge volume (10x8cm) of the lung throughout the lung. He has been managed to bring to Artemis for more diagnosis in January as the disease progresses both for the lungs.

Khader Hussain, a thoracic immunologist having examined him, has said the bottom portion of the lung had been excreted by a longitudinal VATS operation. “The patient improved inside two days after surgery and was hospitalized in normal position,” he said.

Principal Financial Community Vice President Preetha Reddy thanked the group for doing such a brilliant job. “The research which has been completed (the method) seems to be the first for this community after China. We tried and did it effectively. This was a very complex process, but it took several months to do so,” she added, noting that perhaps the collective’s chemotherapy clinics had placed ourselves as the strongest throughout the class world.