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Welcome to Lung Cancer Tips

On this site, we’re proud to present one of the most accurate sources of lung cancer information. Our articles are updated constantly and written by health professionals to give you the result of high-quality research about your condition or that of your loved ones. To achieve that purpose, our team includes a set of medical writers who perform the investigations and write down their articles, editors that go through the articles to make sure they are readable, and a graphical team that carefully chooses multimedia content to facilitate learning and provide a helpful reference for patients who do not understand about medicine.

The medical field is constantly changing, and the guidelines are being updated when new information comes in. That’s why looking for updated sources on the internet is particularly challenging. In Lung Cancer Tips  we made this simple by keeping everything up-to-date. What we want is to give you the latest developments about lung cancer and related topics, keeping you updated on the go.

The writing work that our team does is divided by their skills and expertise. Doctors live a very busy life and will not always be available for researching, updating, and writing. That’s why our team also includes a group of researchers who often do the updating and researching work so that they only read, review, and write, combining their medical knowledge and clinical practice with their passion for writing.

After having the first sketch, the articles go through proofreading and edition. Writing is an artistic skill that not everybody has, and language sometimes conveys the wrong message without knowing. Thus, our edition and proofreading team makes sure that everything is understandable, wrote in plain English, easy to read for patients, and useful for doctors if they want to keep updated. That’s why we use a conversational tone and adopt technical words to provide a complete understanding for everyone.

The final step of this writing and production process has to do with the visual resources we use to convey the message. We know that easy-to-read content is only the start. Medical knowledge includes organs and elements we never see because they are inside of the body. So, instead of describing them with many words, we prefer to use visual resources to make sure that patients picture the anatomical and physiological processes more accurately.

The visual resource team is also responsible for creating a graphic design of the webpage that is both appealing and very serious. Everything should be easy to access and thoroughly organized. That way, you will only be one click away from the answer to your questions and concerns.

Overall, Lung Cancer Tips  has been created with Lung cancer patients in mind. We provide accurate information for anyone interested in Lung cancer facts and what laypeople need to know about the disease. It is also a valuable resource for doctors and health professionals who want to stay updated with the latest Lung cancer evidence.