7 Foods that Cause Constipation

In some cases, food is the primary source of gastrointestinal problems. In constipation, this is almost always the case. Even if we have slow bowel movements, they would likely improve if we eat the right foods. That’s why it is essential to know what foods cause constipation in order to avoid them in case this problem keeps coming back. This article will give you a helpful list of the likely culprits.



If you suffer from constipation and have read about the problem, you’re well aware that hydration and dietary fiber are essential for healthy bowel movements. In most cases, people with constipation adopt a more nutritious diet and improve their condition. But they may not do so if they keep eating the same foods that triggered the situation in the same place.

This article will explore how different foods can increase your risk of constipation. You will see they have some features in common. Most of them are highly industrialized. They usually have high levels of dietary fat. And in some cases, they can be healthy foods but are eaten disproportionately.

1This is the list of foods you want to cut out or at least avoid to reduce constipation symptoms:

Dairy products

You would argue that milk has a high liquid content, and some people have diarrhea after drinking milk. But the truth is that dairy is not only milk. It includes cheese, butter, and other foods with something in common: they contain zero dietary fiber and lots of fatty acids. Depending on where the milk comes from, there’s a high chance that fatty acids are saturated. Fat impairs the normal movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. The absence of dietary fiber does not help correct the problem. Patients who experience diarrhea due to dairy products is because they have lactose intolerance, which triggers a completely different gut problem.