7 Best Neck Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

What can you do if you wake up with neck pain and stiffness? You will probably try to move against the pain, but that is sometimes not recommended. There are some exercises you can do to safely recover from neck pain. In this article, you will find seven alternatives to try.

When you wake up with torticollis, there is little you can do to relieve neck pain altogether. It usually improves a bit, but the pain is maintained for an extended period, sometimes all day long. In some cases, torticollis and other causes of neck pain can last for days, weeks, or more.

Depending on the cause of neck pain, you could have muscles involved in the problem or not. Most people do, and if that’s your case.

1you will probably benefit from one of these top 7 neck exercises for neck pain relief:

Neck glides

This is probably one of the first exercises you want to try. It is gentle to your neck if you have an active muscle spasm and focuses on your sternocleidomastoid muscle. Stand straight and keep your shoulders in place while sliding your chin backward, holding for five seconds, and then sliding forward for 5 seconds. Repeat ten times for each stretching session.