6 Amazing Vitamin D Benefits You Should Know

Vitamin D belongs to the class of fat-soluble vitamins. It goes by the name ‘Calciferol’ in the scientific linguistics, and by the term ‘sunshine vitamin’ colloquially. It is both a nutrient that we can acquire, and also a hormone produced endogenously in the body.

Vitamin D plays a major role in the proper functioning of the body.

1Promote the production of bones

Our bones and teeth’s are major calcium storage sites. For constant growth and repairing of bone and teeth cells adequate about of calcium is required by the body. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium into the bones. In order to absorb calcium and phosphorus from the food an active form of vitamin D know as calcitriol is required. This calcitriol helps the gut to secrete more calcium in the blood, which can get easily absorbed into the bone. Vitamin D makes the bone stronger and properly oriented by promoting the absorption of calcium into the bones.