10 Early Symptoms Of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is not the most common type of cancer, but the prevalence is increasing as imaging studies become more accurate. Symptoms of this disease are initially not concerning, but as it grows, it can become a life-threatening disease. Thus, it is essential to understand its signs and symptoms to detect and treat the disease before it becomes a dangerous condition.


The thyroid is a gland located in the center of the neck. It is below the Adam’s apple and produces hormones that regulate human metabolism. Thyroid hormones change body temperature, influence weight changes, and modulate blood pressure levels.

However, thyroid cancer may not give plenty of signs and symptoms during the first stages of the disease. Since they grow slowly, people take a lump in the throat for granted because it is apparently not causing any harm. But neglecting this problem can have serious consequences.

1Let us review the top 10 thyroid cancer signs and symptoms:

A lump in the neck

One of the most critical symptoms is definitely a change in the volume of the neck, where the thyroid is located. The lump is not necessarily painful at first and looks similar to another benign thyroid condition known as goiter. The tumor can be only one or multiple nodules. It can be smooth and spherical or have a very irregular shape.